The Science of KuduSmart

As a coach or sports scientist you’re looking at every possible angle to take your athlete to peak performance.

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Your athletes work their heart, lungs and muscles to gain those critical fitness improvements that make the difference between success and failure.
So why do we ignore the body’s largest organ in our training regimes?
The skin is the body’s radiator, controlling core body temperature and ensuring muscles work at optimal efficiency.

Crossbridge has developed KuduSmart to measure thermoregulatory (sweating) efficiency using a wearable monitor with a wireless connection to an advanced data analytics system.

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The science behind our technology

Skin – the body’s largest organ but the one that’s forgotten in all our training plans. With around 2 million sweat glands for the average person it’s worth paying attention.

Sweat glands transport water, sodium chloride (salt) and other electrolytes to the surface of the skin helping to maintain the body’s core temperature at an optimal 37°c. Optimal temperature means optimal athletic performance.

The sweat glands are highly trainable – enlarging and becoming more efficient as you become fitter. Training focused on improving thermoregulation can speed and enhance this process.

KuduSmart is a unique wearable device that measures and tracks your thermoregulatory efficiency – providing a benchmark for improvement and tracking training and de-training.

KuduSmart links to a cloud-based data store which allows you to easily monitor progress, and (as our data store grows) to benchmark against comparable sports people.

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What is KuduSmart?

KuduSmart is a unique patented wearable device, developed at University of Cambridge.

Linking wirelessly to a user-friendly phone app, your thermoregulatory data is securely transferred to a cloud-based data store.

Our web based data analysis platform is under development. It will provide individual sweat rate data per training session allowing you to monitor improvements. As our data grows we will offer insights into benchmark data for comparable individuals, and the impact of environmental conditions on both training and performance.

About Us

Crossbridge was founded to put the “science” into sports science.

Our objective is to use robust, well researched, science and technology to the benefit of athletes, coaches and sports scientists.

Crossbridge founder, Brian Corbett, is an enthusiastic sports person and coach (rowing, cycling and endurance running) with a long and successful history in the tech world. As a mentor with Cambridge Enterprise Seed Funds, Brian was introduced to Dr Christof Schwiening who had developed an innovative technique to measure sweating efficiency and immediately saw the potential for the technology. What could be more enticing than a tech start-up focused on the sports sector – perfect.

Christof is a neuroscientist as well as an avid endurance runner so the tech was driven by personal knowledge of the needs of endurance athletes. In fact, Christof has used his scientific insights to shave a massive 45 minutes from his marathon race time (achieving a Personal Best of 2 hours 45 minutes).

When Andrew Dunn joined the team the pieces all snapped into place. Andrew’s a software development whizz with an insatiable appetite for knowledge – a great problem solver, and very inventive. With extensive experience of developing new products and technology in a start-up environment Andrew is a key member of the founder team.

Our plan is for this to be the first of a long run of great tech ideas that will help athletes perform better, for longer.

portrait of Christof Schwiening

Dr Christof Schwiening

Christof is a senior faculty member at University of Cambridge Neuroscience, and his special mix of deep science, combined with a personal passion for endurance running, led to the development of KuduSmart the world’s first wearable sweat rate monitor.

portrait of Brian Corbett

Brian Corbett

Brian has worked in tech commercialisation for over 35 years creating and managing businesses in the telecoms and speech technology sector, but this is the first time he’s had the opportunity to combine tech with sport. Brian has held senior roles in major global companies such as British Telecom and France Telecom, but he’s equally at home in a “garage start-up”.

portrait of Andrew Dunn

Andrew Dunn

Andrew trained initially as an astrophysicist but soon found that earthly pursuits can be just as fascinating. With experience across a diverse set of technologies including speech, machine virtualisation and 3D visualisation, Andrew was well positioned to add the technical wizardry needed to turn KuduSmart into a viable product.